Ottoman Grey

Elegant contrast of light and grey shades with soft white undertones, creating a perfectly unique and lifelike marble look quartz surface.


Stone Ambassador’s Trinity is the result of advanced modern technology processes finding inspiration from the timeless force that is Mother Nature. With bold veins and soft background tones, Trinity will transform any space into a total feature area.


Raw in its essence, diverse in its appearance. Forged in an urban aesthetic and enhanced by a neutral colour scheme. Stone Ambassador’s Firtina exudes authentic industrial characteristics combined with an attractive two-toned, textured finish.

Sierra Leone

Subtle in its delivery but bold in its presentation. The Stone Ambassador’s Sierra Leone stands out from the crowd of natural inspired stone. Burly grey cascading veins flow fearlessly and with purpose through a white and grey clouded canvas.

New York

A contemporary flow of rich dark purples and edged lines impress against this white façade. Stone Ambassadors New York challenges old boundaries of complacency and conservatism. Shattering the ceiling of the mundane and the tame. Stone Ambassador’s New York showcases the vibrancy and modernity now possible in quality interiors.

Phantom Grey

A mysterious haven of a dark grey canvas with bursts of white veins. Lines and detail dance around one another like lightening in a wild thunderstorm, we proudly present to you, Stone Ambassador’s, Phantom Grey


Rough around the edges, spontaneous splashes of industrialism and grit overlay this bold concrete inspired surface. Medium to dark hues of grey and random exhibitions of raw undertones make this colour unique with personality.

Enchanted White

Brought to life with luxurious soft grey veins criss-crossing a white textured surface. Vein patterns that flow freely encapsulate the elements of nature and living realism, creating an organic impression  

Calacatta Signature

Inspired by natural stone the Calacatta Signature features broad grey veins with a hint of gold. These are further enhanced by the soft background veins on a white base.

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