Iron, offering more than your neutral tones is a subtle and consistent bland of grey/brown texture that will suit most modern homes.


A beautiful and a naturally organic nut textured stone with freckles of white and a faded navy blue.

Dapple White

White stone infused with small flakes such as Dapple White complements any interior with any added on features. Works exquisitely with decorations and a punch of colour but also holds itself without add-ons inviting a contemporary and modern look.


Moonstone is a collection of small to medium sized quartz ranging from shades of taupe grey and white colours which resonates a natural structure that inspires any home of marginal interiors as well as the established.

White Burst

White Burst consists of finely textured grain in neutral and deep tones on a warm white base. It’s versatility and remarkable quality is suitable for many design applications.

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